Safeguarding Children and Young people

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Avon and Somerset have signed up to agreed procedures for safeguarding and child protection.

The South West shared core procedures are available at and offer a clear guide and step by step approach to what to do if you are concerned about a child or young person under 18.


Area Safeguarding contacts

If a child is at immediate risk or in danger ring the Police on 999.

How to ask for help in Bristol

First Response, the place to call if you are concerned about a child or young person or think they need some help. This is the number for NEW referrals – 0117 903 6444

For enquiries about EXISTING cases with an allocated social worker, please call:

North Bristol, Social Work Assessment team: 0117 903 8700

East/Central Bristol, Social Work Assessment team: 0117 903 6500

South Bristol (Hartcliffe), Social Work Assessment team: 0117 353 2200

South Bristol (Knowle), Social Work Assessment team: 0117 903 1414

Bristol Emergency Duty Team: 01454 615 165

Bristol also has a specialist Sexual Violence MARAC. This is a multi agency meeting that helps services co-ordinate their reponse to survivors who are at risk of harm. Please call  0117 945 4322


How to ask for help in North Somerset

North Somerset Children’s Services, Single Point of Access: 01275 888808

North Somerset Out of Hours Service: 01454 615165


How to ask for help in South Gloucestershire

South Gloucestershire Children’s Services, First Point: 01454 866000

South Gloucestershire Children’s Services Emergency/out of hours: 01454 615165


How to ask for help in Bath & North East Somerset

Bath Family Team: 01225 396312

North East Somerset Family Team: 01225 396313

Disabled Children’s Team and services for the hospital for BANES and other local authority children: 01225 825307

BANES Emergency Out of Hours Duty team: 01454 615165

Integrated Safeguarding Officer: 01225 396974


How to ask for help in Somerset

Somerset Direct (Somerset Children and Young People’s Services, Referral Team): 0300 123 2224

Somerset Out of Hours Emergency Duty Team: 0300 123 2327


Safeguarding good practice

All professionals are encouraged to discuss concerns openly with:

  • their agency line manager or supervisor or
  • a named safeguarding professional in their agency


Questions to ask yourself as a professional:

If nothing changes, or if I do nothing, in what way is the child likely to be harmed?

What is it I am most worried about?

Is the child in immediate danger?

  • Have I asked consent from the parent (and child where appropriate) to share this information? (and if not, why not?)
  • What is prompting me to ask for help or support now? Has the problem or issue got worse recently?
  • What needs or concerns have been identified?
  • What has already been done to address the needs or concerns? (including actions by other agencies where known).
  • What positive resources and abilities do the child and family currently have?


Risk factors and vulnerabilities around sexual violence can include:

  • Experiencing more than one assault
  • Repeat victimisation
  • Trauma and confusion
  • Mental health problems
  • Learning disabilities
  • Drink or drug misuse
  • Homelessness
  • Children and Young people
  • Young people at risk of sexual exploitation
  • People with a history of care
  • Young women involved in gang culture
  • Men and women working in the sex industry
  • Victims / survivors of domestic violence
  • Patterns of abusive relationships that have become their norm.


How to raise safeguarding concerns with young people

I / We are worried about your safety

My / Our main concern is that you are safe

I am going to talk to my manager

I / We will continue to support you as much as possible

Regardless of what happens I / we care about you

If you want anything to change all you need to do is give us your name and where you go to school or your address

It sounds like you want this to stop now

We can find out for you what the police would do if you did let us support you to tell someone