The Bridge (SARC 24hrs)

The Bridge exists to support any woman, man or young person who has been raped or sexually assaulted.

We provide emotional, medical and practical care and support for anyone who has experienced rape or sexual assault at any point in their lives.  We also provide forensic medical examinations with and without police involvement, giving clients the freedom to have evidence collected without the pressure to make an immediate decision about reporting to the police.

Our telephone line is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is for:

  • anyone who has been sexually assaulted at any time
  • family and friends of anyone who has been assaulted
  • professionals who have received a disclosure

The Crisis Worker who answers can provide information, advice and support.

  • Gender: Male, female and transgender
  • Age: 14+
  • Location: BANES, Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire
  • Case type: Non-recent or recent
  • Other: We are a non-discriminatory organisation

The Support from The Bridge (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) is free and you can choose to remain anonymous throughout your contact with us.If you do give us your contact details or provide identifiable information, we will usually keep your contact with us completely confidential.  However, in certain circumstances we may have to share information with another agency (e.g. social services, police or ambulance service) in order to protect you or another person.  This will apply if:-          You are a child or young person under 18 who has experienced, or is at risk of, serious harm or,-          You provide information about a person we feel may be a vulnerable adult who has experienced, or is at risk of, serious harm.We will always discuss with you if we feel we need to share such information.

The police will not be told unless the client chooses to report.  We can support them with the reporting process if they choose.

We have female Crisis Workers and Counsellors, Nurses and Doctors. We do also have some male Doctors and the client will always be informed if the doctor on duty is a man.  If they do not want to be seen by a man we will arrange the forensic examination for a time when a woman is available.

For paediatric cases, we are able to see or speak children and/or their families, Monday to Friday, 10am – 6pm. For children aged 13 and under, this will need to be with the co-operation of the police force in their area. For children aged 14 and above, we do not need to have police involvement although we may have to speak to the police. 

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0117 342 6999

2nd Floor, Central Health Clinic
Tower Hill
Passage Street

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: 8am to 8pm
Friday: 8am to 6pm

24 hour phone line for information and support.

24/7 Forensic medical services with police involvement. The Bridge can also provide these services on a self referral basis 7 days a week during the day.