SOLIS is made up of SARSAS, Womankind and The Green House. They work together to deliver counselling support to recent survivors of rape and abuse across Avon and Somerset.

Gender: All genders

Age: All ages

Location: Across all of Avon & Somerset

Case type: Recent and historic

You will never have to tell us anything you do not wish to. We will not share information with anyone outside the Avon and Somerset Sexual Violence Consortium (SARSAS, Womankind and The Green House) without your permission. If you wish us to speak to someone else (e.g. another organisation to help you access other services) we will need your consent. Confidentiality may only be breached if:

  • someone is at immediate risk of serious harm
  • we believe children may be at risk of harm or neglect
  • we are subpoenaed by a court of law.

If we believe it is necessary to breach confidentiality, we will make every effort to involve you in the decision.

No. The Avon and Somerset Sexual Violence Consortium is independent from the police. We know how important it is for women and men to feel safe to talk and know that they can be in control of who they tell and when. We will support anyone who wants to report to the police and anyone who chooses not to as well.

Both female and male staff are available (male staff through The Green House)



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