Anyone who has experienced rape or sexual abuse needs to be involved in any relevant decisions about what happens next for them and informed about their choices.

Step 1

Identify whether someone is an adult, 13-17 or under 12. Have they been recently assaulted or did it happened over a year ago (we call this historic)

Step 2

You then choose the relevant pathway. If you are unsure and someone hasn’t disclosed when the incident happened or what the incident was; allow them to consider what would be the most relevant service for them. Don’t insist they disclose details to you. All the specialist sexual violence services can work together and will be able to help the victim/survivor find a more relevant service if necessary.

Many of the specialist sexual violence services work with victims/survivors of historic and recent and with adults and young people.

Click on the name of the service you are interested to find out more information. You will be given enough information about the service to discuss options with the victim/survivor and to signpost or do a referral with them. Please see the good practice  and safeguarding pages for more information.

SARSAS is not responsible for the practice of any of the services on this website. It is up to the practitioner to assess the quality of each service before making a referral. 

Which service feels right for the victim/survivor at this time?

Please remember: Anyone who has experienced rape or any kind of sexual assault or abuse at any time in their life needs to be involved in any relevant decisions about  what happens next, to make their own choices and have control over their journey.